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PET Blow Moulding and Filling unit with a capacity of 12.000 BPH of carbonised drinks.


Enclosed you will find our budget offer for a second hand Blow Moulder SBO10 and a Filling line with mixed (new and remanufactured) machinery.
Blow Moulding
The offered SBO10 is actually running (in the Middle East) and in very good condition.
If there would be an interest, we can also offer :
1 SBO6/6, 1995, rebuilt in 2002 by Sidel with Quick change system, including compressors (LP and HP Ingersold Rand, and air dryer).
+ 1 SBO6/6 series 1, new from 2003 complete with preform infeed system,  GUPM mould holders, Quick change and compensation device, capable to produce upto 7,200 b/h, Sidel guarantee for 6 months.
+ 1 compressor BELLIS & MORCOM VH 21, year 2000 (1300 Nmі) (in very good condition with only 8000 running hours).
Total budget for the above machinery (2 Sidel SBO6/6 with compressors etc.) :
 1.000.000,- € (Nine Hundred and Thirty Five Thousand Euro)
(Note that this Machinery is actually not in Europe)

Filling Line

Concerning the filling equipment, we offer a complete turnkey line ! (Note that a flash past. unit for the beer is not included).

Most of the equipment would be supplied from the UK.

The offered filling equipment is either new or remanufactured.

Remanufactured  means:

  • Replacing all worn parts
  • Replacing all consumable components
  • Replacing all bearings and bushes
  • Reconditioning all gear boxes
  • Reconditioning major sub-assemblies
  • Installing modern electrical systems
  • Installing modern pneumatic systems
  • Fitting new specific container handling parts
  • Guaranteeing equipment performance
  • Guaranteeing materials and workmanship
  • Important: Remanufactured machinery is delivered tested and in ‘AS NEW CONDITION’.
  • If requested, machinery in ‘as is’ condition can be offered as well but obviously without any guarantees.

    If this would become order, a contract would be closed directly between the supplier(s) of the equipment and you.(Provision) 

    Further to your enquiry for PET equipment, please find submitted for your attention a budget quotation applicable to the supply of a 12,000 bottles per hour  PET Blow Moulding and Bottling line for carbonated beverages. 

    Please note at this stage, we have made no inclusion of costs for bottle change parts for the 0.5 litre bottle sizes.

    (при покупке внутри страны включая налоговую пошлину,
    право межпродажы и заблуждения сохраняются за продавцом)

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